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What Does an Alternator Do?

Your car’s alternator acts like a generator to keep the electrical system charging while the engine is running. When you initially turn the ignition on, the battery creates the first charge that puts everything in motion. It needs the recharge that the alternator provides.

You have one low-maintenance part with an alternator. They can last as long as twelve years and don’t require service. When it does fail, though, you will need to take care of it immediately in order to keep the rest of your car operational. You’ll be able to give the battery a jump…

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Does Check Engine Light Mean Unsafe To Drive?

Does a check engine light mean it is unsafe to drive your vehicle? A check engine light gives us all that awful feeling. The feeling of having to pay for major repairs is always a concern. However, a check engine light could mean a variety of things. Cars have a diagnostic center for a reason. Your vehicle is telling you that something is amiss.

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Back To School Auto Tips

Proper maintenance can be the difference between your vehicle lasting five years or fifteen years. It can also be the difference between you and your family being safe or in a dangerous situation.


Here are 10 back to school vehicle maintenance tips to help you be proactive about your vehicle’s maintenance:


Engine: Remember to have your oil changed based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and type of oil to protect vital engine parts. You can extend the life of your car by several years by simple engine maintenance.

Fluids: In addition to oil, it’s important to make sure…

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Scaffidi Motors 2013 Hyundai President's Award Winner

All of us at Scaffidi Motors are excited to share the news; We are a 2013 Hyundai President's Award winning dealership!

For the highest customer satisfaction rating in the country Scaffidi Motors has been recognized by Hyundai Motor America as one of the highest rated dealerships in the nation. “The recipients of the President’s Award shine, not only in sales, but also in customer satisfaction,”...
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Increase Tire Life With Regular Rotation & Balancing

Tires do a lot of work. They transfer engine power and braking forces to the road; they handle steering control; and they cushion all those bumps and jolts. They also support the entire weight of the vehicle, including you and your passengers. With such critical work to do, you want your tires to do their job well. And since replacing tires is fairly expensive, you want them to last as long as possible.

How to…

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