The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: Performance and Comfort

The Lincoln MKZ is offered in both gas-powered and hybrid models. Those who are thinking about purchasing the hybrid model don't need to worry about the hybrid model lacking in performance or features. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid combines performance and comfort in one model.

The Lincoln MKZ offers drivers the Active Noise Control System. Sensors in and out of the car listen for sounds that may disrupt the driver and those in the vehicle. The system will create a cancelling wave to block unwanted noise and its distractions. The Lincoln MKZ's adaptive suspension lets the driver choose comfort, sport or normal suspension modes so the car will feel the road in the way that the driver desires while cruising the streets of Stevens Point, WI.

To experience the Lincoln MKZ's adaptive suspension and Active Noise Control, come in for a test drive at Scaffidi Motors. Come and learn more about this vehicle's great fuel economy and its luxurious interior.
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