Tire Pressure - What's Right For Your Vehicle?

Keeping your tires filled with air pressure is vital not just to get the best possible ride but also to prevent flat tires and premature wear on the tires. As important as it is to keep your tires inflated, it’s equally important that they have the right amount of air pressure. At Scaffidi Motors, we can work with you on getting the best life from your tires and provide tips on proper tire pressure.

Getting the right amount of air pressure is very important. The side of the tire has a recommended amount of psi (pounds per square inch), but this is for the tire, not necessarily your vehicle. The amount recommended for your vehicle is listed on the inside door jamb and in the owner’s manual.

If you have questions on tire pressure for your car, call or visit our service center in Stevens Point. We have qualified techs waiting to serve you.

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