There is no need to sacrifice performance for fuel efficiency with the Ford Edge Sport

In today’s world of high fuel prices, economy cannot be ignored. But your compact SUV will still need the power to maneuver in and out of city traffic, pass on the highway and climb hills.

The EcoBoost engine of the Ford Edge Sport provides the best of both worlds. The six cylinder, 2.7 liter engine can provide more than 300 hp and up to 350 foot pounds of torque. When combined with a six speed transmission and Ford’s Adaptive Steering features, your Edge Sport will pass and climb effortlessly.

Even with the power produced, the Edge Sport can still provide excellent mileage. With highway estimates of 24 mpg and a combined 20 mpg, is will not drain your wallet at the gas pump. To see how Ford technology provides efficient power and handling in an SUV, visit our dealership and feel the performance for yourself.





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