Is it best to buy or lease a new car?

One of the biggest decisions anyone looking to acquire a new vehicle will face is whether to buy or lease a new vehicle. While both of these options have considerable merit, some outweigh the others when considering individual circumstances.

For example, customers who do not have sufficient savings to make a down payment on a car loan may find that leasing will prove to be the better option. In fact, the upfront cost of leasing vehicles is so much lower than that of buying that it often allows for customers to acquire new cars who otherwise would not be able to get a new vehicle until a hefty down payment was possible.

This can have tremendous benefits for those people who rely on transportation for their livelihoods, ensuring that they can drive a car that will not experience breakdowns or other mishaps, potentially causing them to lose their jobs. Visit our dealership today, and let our staff go over the benefits and drawbacks of both leasing and buying.


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