Stay Connected with SYNC 3

Owners of vehicles that come with Ford's new and improved SYNC 3 technology are in for an amazing treat as well as anyone else who happens to be fortunate enough to ride along. You'll experience an amazing new array of features that both enhance the experience of travelling as well as offer new levels of safety. SYNC 3 also hosts a long list of additional applications, mostly controlled with your voice.

Enhanced voice recognition makes it a breeze to simply speak your command and have it be done, especially with the available SYNC Connect feature which enables you to securely connect your smart phone to your vehicle. Additionally, many vehicles come with Ford Pass which can provide you with additional information directly to your smart phone.

The SYNC 3 AppLink feature can enable you to use voice commands on many compatible applications on your smart phone. Come and see everything that SYNC 3 can do for you here at Scaffidi Motors.

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