Ford F-150 Raises its Capability Benchmarks to Loftier Heights For 2018

Whenever we think the Ford F-150’s capability will plateau, a new model year brings higher figures, and more potential. That’s the story with the 2018 model, which will build on the 12,200 lbs. best-in-class max tow rating for 2017, and raise it, thanks to a new turbodiesel engine, a new base engine, and updates to every powertrain and transmission.

To be clear, we don’t have hard-fast numbers on what these engines will put out yet, but we imagine we’ll learn before it goes on sale this fall. According to Ford, however, the 2018 F-150 will offer the best towing and gas mileage of any truck, and we have a gut feeling the new turbodiesel (due next summer) will be responsible. Furthermore, the 2018 pickup will boast a standard ten-speed automatic across the range, with the all-new base 3.3-liter naturally-aspirated V6 getting a six-speed unit. The only engine carrying over unchanged is the twin-turbo V6 that debuted last year.

Every trim of the 2018 F-150 will come with its own unique grille—so if you’re looking to stand out, and own work, this might be the truck for you. To find out, contact our Ford dealership in Stevens Point, WI and we’ll set you up for a test drive.

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