Happy Kids, Happy Parents: Tips for Road Trips with Children

Taking your kids with you on a road trip is an exciting idea; you get to have some family bonding and the kids form memories they'll cherish forever... that is, until you remember that keeping kids in the car for a long period of time is not an easy task. So, to help out as much as possible, one mom has shared her experience with us all.

In the video below, we urge you to watch the video where one mom takes her kids on a road trip. She gives us some great tips on how to keep them (and herself) happy, so give it a watch; if you're low on time, we have a written list below. Either way, we hope your trip in one worth remembering!

  • Bring healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables
  • Water is better than sugary soda or juice
  • Cups and bowls prevent fighting over proportions
  • Comfortable clothing and soft blankets make naps more likely
  • Headphones for every kid so they can listen to their own music
  • Books and art supplies are fun activities on the go
  • Be sure to bring your own music or audiobooks!



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