Professional Detailer's Trick to a Streak-Free Windshield

Can't seem to get the streaks out of your windshield, no matter how hard you try? You've been to the auto parts store and back a million times with different glass cleaners that promise to turn your windshield invisible, but the solution to your woes isn't in a better product—it's your technique.

The one product worth your money for cleaning glass is a good microfiber towel. You'll want to have several on hand—one for rough first-pass cleaning, one for rubbing on the cleaning product, and one for drying.

Start with the exterior of the windshield. Give it a rough cleaning with a glass cleaner and towel, then clay bar the wet glass to remove bonded contaminants. After clay-barring, clean with glass cleaner again, and wipe dry with a microfiber towel to finish.

Use the same two-step approach for the inside of the glass. First scrub with a sponge and glass cleaner to de-grease, and dry with microfiber. Then clean again with your good glass towel and glass cleaner, and finish up with a dry microfiber towel.

Remember, your hands are a major source of smudges, so wear gloves to prevent transferring oil to the windshield and contaminating your clean towels!

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