Avoid a Worst Case Scenario by Having Your Tires Rotated

Imagine you’re meeting with a new client and you come out to your vehicle to find a flat tire. Or you’re with the person you finally were able to get a date with and while driving to dinner you have a tire blow out.

Both of these scenarios can be very embarrassing! But thankfully those are just scenarios.

You can take proactive measures for better assurances that your tires are in good condition by maintaining a regular tire rotation schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. Your tires need to be rotated so that they wear as even as possible, however, they also need to be routinely visually inspected for road debris and low air pressure, which either can cause a flat tire or blow out.

We want you to impress your client, or date, if that part of the scenario ever were to come true! Let us know when we can schedule your next tire rotation!
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